Professionals with the need to  improve knowledge and oral communication skills in English or Portuguese in a short period of time.

About the Service


The goal is to accelerate fluency in  English or Portuguese language, through intensive classes directed to the interest subject and need of the participants.

The immersion can be done individually or group.




Private immersion:

During immersion classes the student complements what he / she already knows practicing the chosen language, in order to overcome verbal difficulties ,strengthening  communication (oral, written, reading and listening), improving fluency and self-confidence. On our Private Classes immersion Course TOOLVOX Training will be able to develop a program tailored to the needs and interests of the participant, who will be free to choose days and duration of the program (up to 6 hours a day) according to their availability.

Group Immersion:

A intensive program for groups with members at the same level of knowledge with the objective to speed up their learning process learning vocabulary  and developing verbal communication skills reaching higher level of fluency in less time. The classes run around 3 to 8 hours a day, with interactive exercises.
The number of hours will be pre-established and the more number of hours dedicated  the greater will be the participants results.

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